The Reading Salon had two films screening at the Kolkata Short Film Festival in India and “…When The Bullying Ends” got a Jury’s Special Mention Award! The documentary (film trailer below) looks at the life of Enza Anderson who continues to make international headlines for her work as an anti-bullying and queer rights activist. Yet behind the headlines is a trans woman who is being bullied out of living a normal life.

Despite the world around her she continues to push back at some of Toronto’s toughest bullies. “A role model for all of us, we’d all benefit by being just a little more like Enza.” says director Raymond Helkio.

Details about an online screening date of this short will made available soon. 

The Reading Salon is screening India with Death Of A Bathhouse directed by Raymond Helkio and Rolyn Chambers + …When The Bullying Ends have been selected to screen at the Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival, July 27th, 2016!

Death Of A Bathhouse poster

Death Of A Bathhouse
Combining footage from the final days of St. Marc’s Spa with interviews from Toronto artists Sky Gilbert, Keith Cole, Brad Fraser, Drasko Bogdanovic & Shane MacKinnon, we explore the art culture and ultimate demise of one of Toronto’s longest running bathhouses.

When The Bullying Ends (Featuring Enza Anderson)
Enza Anderson continues to make international news for her work as an anti-bullying and queer rights activist yet behind the headlines is a woman who is just fighting to live a normal life.