Christian Positive Space (CPS) is a self-proclaimed “repressed” religious group led by Pastor David Lynn who uses freedom of speech as a mechanism to draw attention to his failing church. In a democracy, we are all free to speak our truths but this does not mean one’s truth can be shouted through a megaphone into people’s faces.

Pastor David Lynn is hell-bent on creating provocative situations into order to stimulate negative reactions in others, in fact, this strategy constitutes their church’s entire outreach program. And he does it by creating situations that he can point to and say “I told you so” while providing evidence to his flock of followers who eat up every word.

Case in point, this past Saturday he convinced his flock to put their well-being in harm’s way by joining him on a march up Church Street, through the gay village in a demonstration of his right to free speech. And so instead of building bridges with their faith, he uses it, and his congregation, to further his personal narrative of being a victim but his anger has manifested in the form of an unnamed “other”, which he is determined to defeat. Pretty insane, if not juvenile, stuff.


Lynn’s only notoriety to date has come from his keen interest in the gay community. He sees us as a direct threat to his view of the world and so he grabs a megaphone at Church Street or Pride events to yell at queer people who pass by, blaming us for the repression of his religion while his followers nod their heads and applaud as if this is the best use of their church’s combined energy. Lynn has become the master at not only pushing people away but at creating a divide so wide it only serves to bring him further publicity and keep his faith under scrutiny. His latest endeavour, a massive failure by all counts, was still a fantastic publicity stunt because it allowed him to point to the queer community and say “see, I told you they won’t let us speak!”

Pastor David Lynn has already been banned from shouting into his megaphone and Yonge/Dundas Square as well as being barred from engaging with Toronto’s LGBTQ community and arrested for disturbing the peace. So what gives?

Maybe we should be asking his congregation why they follow him? Below are photos of some of his followers who came out to carry placards and shout about why nobody likes them.

People don’t like CPS because they are all up in everyone’s face about a religion that has long since peaked in popularity.

Army of LoversEnter the Army of Lovers. Organized by The 519 Church Street Community Centre, an estimated 500 people including community groups such as the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto with the backing of politicians Krystyn Wong-Tam and Mayor John Tory who stood up against what ended in a stand-off between the two sides.

Christian Positive SpacePolice were on scene the entire time having created several barricades between the two groups. With CPS unable to march up Church Street, Pastor David Lynn uses the opportunity to pick up his megaphone and start blaming Toronto’s queer community for the very predicament they came out to create.

Meanwhile, over 500 LGBTQ people began dancing and singing along to “We Are The Champions” while his followers huddled around him to take in more of his raging, shouting and complaining about how hard done by he is. And he is a victim, I’ll give him that.

This battle may have been won by an Army of Lovers, but the war is far from over. The following photos are some of the proud members of Christian Positive Space who came out on Saturday, September 28 to knowingly participate in a battle with Toronto’s queer community.

Read The 519’s statement on Christian Positive Space.