Sky Gilbert
The Sad Irony of Black Lives Matter“.

Raymond Helkio
Open letter “#BlackLivesMatter Is The Best Thing To Happen to Pride Toronto Since The Orlando Shootings (An Open Letter To Mathieu Chantelois, Pride Toronto)“.

100 prominent artists and cultural leaders in solidarity
with Black Lives Matter Toronto.

The 519
Stands in support and solidarity with Black Lives Matter-Toronto Coalition

Rev. Brent Hawkes, MCCT
Black Lives Matter: We need to pay attention to the pain and pay attention to the message.

Daily Xtra
Black Lives Matter Toronto embodies the spirit of Pride.

Open letter to PRIDE Toronto Executive Board Co-Chairs, RE: Moving Forward, Strengthening Pride, and Response to Black Lives Matter.

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Raymond Helkio
Raymond is a filmmaker, director, and author of several publications and opinion columns. He lives in Toronto and New York but has plans to move beyond the edge of insanity.