The Eagle in New York City is a gay leather bar located in Chelsea. Normally this is a male cruising institution but the production company TOSOS has reimagined the space as the site for the award-winning romp about the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Doric Wilson’s Street Theatre delivers a 90 minute laugh-a-minute spectacle through one of the most historic moments in queer history. The cast was beyond amazing. In particular were the riveting performances delivered by Jeremy Lawrence who played a closeted old pervert, T. Thompson’s spunky lesbian and Chris Anderson and Michael Lynch who played outlandish drag queen sex workers. If only we could all be so quick-witted in our everyday conversations as this performance treated us to.

Also worth the price of admission alone was seeing Timothy, a naive school boy cruising for sex, played by Tim Abrams, who stripped down to a pair of red underwear dawning a cowboy hat. The smart, over-the-top characters combined with the setting created a sense of suspended reality. This larger than life version of our history is told through the lives of people who were active in the streets and clubs and came together in a courageous act of resistance against the police raid of the Stonewall Inn. The Eagle makes for an intimate experience, however the space is small and because there are only three shows left I recommend you get tickets fast.
The Eagle, NYC
554 West 28th Street
Directed by Mark Finley
October 2, 3 and 4, 2017
7:00 pm.