This collection of music is the result of my friend Irshad Manji suggesting I record a selection of late night songs that she could put on while working. Not background music but music to fuel a creative spirit without getting in the way of the workflow. Irshad had been staying with us, had heard me playing some of these songs, and found they helped her thinking process.

After I have often played the piano and used music to unwind. I can’t listen to music while working because I end up focusing on the bass line or a particular instrument and before long, has evaporated and I have no work to show for it. I’m glad that music has the opposite effect for Irshad and hopefully for many others. Enjoy. -Stewart Borden

“This may be the 17th time that I’m listening to the CD that you created for me. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me. Whether it’s late at night, when I’m wanting to fall asleep without “worrying” about tomorrow’s deadlines, or whether it’s on a weekend (like now), when I need to relax *before* tackling another deadline, the music is delicious to my ears and valuable to my soul. Deep thanks for pouring so much intention into your performance.” —Irshad Manji, Director, Moral Courage Project

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