Closet Case
Directed by Raymond Helkio, music by Stewart Borden. Filmed in New York and Toronto.

Behind The Seams

What Does The Average Person Know About Drag?

We’re about to find out in the first every episode of my new web series, Behind the Seams. Click and subscribe, share the episode, and leave whatever comments you like down below. Tootles!

Pricing It All Out

What does it cost to start becoming a drag queen? Follow my around NYC as I birth my new drag daughter so we can answer that question for you. I take my new daughter all over Midtown through some of my favorite stores to get the drag essentials including Manhattan Mall, Earrings Plaza, Social Apparel, Karma, Ricky’s, and Beauty 35.


This week on Behind the Seams, I get the skinny on the booty with former empress of New York and wardrobe supervisor of Waitress the Musical, Paprika Swirl. She tells me all about what got her into drag, her work as a costumer, and, her amazing line of custom drag queen pads.

Produced by The Reading Salon in association with (NYC) and theBUZZ (TO).