There is hardly a better place to see Scott Thompson’s latest Buddy Cole Monologues show Aprés le Dèluge than the downstairs lounge of the SoHo Playhouse. It is an intimate theatre/bar, not dingy but it could be, not exclusive but it could be, and has featured a who’s who of gay icons throughout the years.

Speaking of throughout the years, Buddy Cole travels us throughout the years, opening each monologue with a brief ‘slide show highlight’ of key years since 1995, and then a monologue from that same year, though it all seemed so current.

I can’t remember having laughed so hard, at every line, for an entire show, ever. Scott’s wordsmithing was incredibly witty, risky, and irreverent. A less sophisticated raconteur would not be able to get away with half the things Buddy Cole does.

Taking playful swipes at everything from wokeness to circumcision Scott was in full command of his craft and the audience. We can all attest that he worked up a sweat playing directly to many of the attendees (lookout if you’re sitting in the front row), but also worked the whole room stepping away from his stool to mingle, and of course, walk back to the bar for a drink.

Playing the Buddy Cole character allows him to get away with saying things that a ‘straight’ up comic wouldn’t get away with, particularly in today’s sensitive times. And the audience couldn’t have been more delighted.

Do not miss this show.

Aprés le Dèluge: The Buddy Cole Monologues
On until November 3rd, 2019
SoHo Playhouse, 15 Vandam Street
New York