Where words come to play

Amy Pearl
(aka Miss Butter) has been doing live freestyle and spoken word + hostessing in Toronto for over 15 years. With a background in theatre and writing she is a conduit for the shared human experience. Photo (above) by Nadia Tanya Photography.

Raymond Helkio is a practicing artist, film and theatre director and a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design University. He is a Canadian Ambassador for the Moral Courage Project and author of The Great Meeting Room. He uses his free time to throw Slurpee’s at bullies.

Stewart Borden is the bassist for Men In Suits (MIS), what The Globe & Mail calls “Bay Street’s hardest working band.” As a charity band, MIS has played hundreds of live gigs including some unforgettable performances with superstar talents like Rick Emmett (Triumph), Amy Sky, Mark Jordan and Toronto’s own Dave Dunlop. Stewart was also a founding member of the bands Thurston Howell and the Lovies, Mr. Christie and the Good Cookies, and The Bulge. You can find him playing bass at semi-regular gigs at The Orbit Room.

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